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What are you going to pray about today?

Will it be BIG? 

Will it be small? 

It does not matter which one you pick; Jesus cares about it all. 

So remember to pray

Anywhere, anytime, about anything. 


In Jesus' Name 

"This endearing, engaging book opens up the world of prayer to little ones, making it an ever-present part of their daily lives and reminding us all of its power when we ask it in Jesus' name." 


- Amy Parker, Bestselling Children's Book Author


Nicole Ivory is a Christian author who has been called to help children develop their faith and literacy. 

Her debut book, In Jesus' Name was written to inspire children to build a personal relationship with Jesus and recognize His presence throughout their day. 

Through her experience reading with her own three children, Nicole has learned how beneficial family reading time is, and is thankful God placed it on her heart to help other families. 

Nicole lives in Ontario with her husband and three children and is currently hard at work on her second book. 

  • Nicole Ivory Books
  • Youtube

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